Admission Process

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In Swordz Mexicana Maestros, we are looking for highly qualified language teachers with experience in teaching individuals of all age categories, ranging from small kindergarden children, to primary and secondary school children, children with special needs, students at universities, to adults and seniors who need general and area-specific language classes or professional language tutoring and preparation for language diplomas.

We require our teachers to have a professional but friendly attitude, a lot of patience, the ability to recognize the needs of every student in order to apply it to the class and thus create an individual learning experience for the student.

We aim at offering various types of classes and courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, such as:

  • General conversational classes
  • Specialized grammar classes
  • Business language classes
  • Overall language proficiency classes
  • Area specific classes as per client request
  • Individual and additional classes as per client need

Before engaging in classes and courses, we have a small interview with the client of around 1 hour so that we can understand more about the expectations and individual requirements of each student. We also do a language level assessment and based on that we search for appropriate materials that will be used in classes. We then create a basic course framework that might get adapted based on the progress and additional language needs.

We understand that each student has different abilities and style of learning a language. You as a language teacher must recognize the student’s strong areas and areas that need improvement, and you must find the most suitable way of how the student learns. We know from our experience that many students do not know how to learn a language effectively and you are there to help them find the most suitable manner for them to maximize their language experience and learning curve. The course materials and teaching methods must get adapted accordingly.

If you comply with these specifications, you can apply for the position of Professional freelance online language teacher. Requirements:

  • Complete, filled in LinkedIn profile with a verified number (verified for more than 60 days)
  • Diplomas and previous jobs that prove your proficiency
  • Verifiable references and testimonials
  • CV and resume in English

Nowadays, it is especially important in order to adhere to security standards and to assure the highest quality, which makes it possible for you to grow your career with us.

If you are interested, please contact us on LinkedIn and send us an email to with all the required documentation and any other information you might deem appropriate.