Announcements - Swordz Mexicana Maestros


Tools of Trade

Dear friends, clients and potential collaborators.

We have updated our online tools to work more efficiently with our clients and freelancers!

From now on, we will be using Cisco Webex for interviews, classes, courses and in general voice and video communication.
We chose this application due its enhanced security and privacy features.

For client and freelancer management, we have chosen Protemos, a Translation Management System, that will help us create and distribute projects very easily and fast and it will also greatly enhance our invoicing system and overview.

A trabajar, ¡ándale!


Dear Clients

We are proudly announcing, that we are reactivating our professional language education services in Swordz Mexicana Maestros!

We have officially started our activities in Mexico in the beginning of 2013, offering help in promoting local businesses via digitalization and propagation online offering them free design and administration. We have also started offering presential classes and courses to students of all ages and abilities, including children, teenagers, adults, people with special needs or professionals in their areas.

Thanks to our professionalism, skills, experience and reputation, we were able to gain individual clients and company clients, such as Pemex, Schlumberger, Oxxo to mention a few. Our reputation in Tabasco was unprecedented. After changing location and due to our individual preferences, we have changed our focus to translations, and we created Oenomaus Services.

Due to recent global events and due to needs of the global markets, we have decided to restart our educational services but this time, in form or online classes and courses, of course, keeping the attitude “We treat our clients in a way we treat each other, we understand their expectations and we try to give them a better experience in fulfilling them“.

We would like to use all our experience and knowledge that we have gained teaching hundreds of hours of classes to offer high-quality language classes and courses online to assure a personalized and effective learning experience, in order to give our students a competitive advantage in the global market. It is not enough anymore to search for work opportunities in your location.
Now, it is more than ever important to have the means to communicate effectively with potential clients and employers all around the world. We would like to provide the necessary tools and language skills to help our clients succeed in this market and at the same time, provide work opportunities to highly skilled language education professionals.

We are really looking forward to meeting you online, our new language professionals and students!