Setting Up

We put together a small guide of the tools needed to work with us and to provide our clients privacy, security and quality.

For Students & Clients
For our online classes we use the application Webex from Cisco. We chose this platform in order to comply with security and privacy standards. It is very easy to use. In a few words, the teacher schedules a meeting with the client, the client receives a notification email. The client creates his account, adding an email address and the name and when the class is about to start, the client connects to the class via video with one click. The teacher can share their screen, share their documents and presentations, create a whiteboard to write or draw together with the student or communicate via chat.

The video calls are recorded and stored in our secure cloud where they are kept for the duration of 30 days in case of complaints or inquiries.
We do not provide data to third parties and that is our guarantee.

For Teachers & Translators
Protemos is a Translation Management System (TMS). We use this system in order to manage freelancer profiles and for invoice management.

The freelancer will receive an invitation to create a profile via email adding the contact info. From there, they can see the overview of their projects, or receive project offers directly to the registered email address, those can be accepted or declined.

After a successful completion, the invoices can be created directly in the system allowing us for a faster and more efficient accounting. For more information you can review the Protemos Wiki page for vendors.

A video about how Protemos works:

Our Preferred CAT Tools
There is a large number of CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools on the market, that can greatly help translators in order to make their workflow more effective. Some of those include the following:

CAT tools with 30-day trial versions:

Free CAT tools:

  • Across (free basic version for use online)
  • memoQ (there is a free version, but some features are limited)
  • CafeTran Espresso (the free version has limitations in using larger translation memories and termbases)
  • OmegaT (translation memory application)
  • Wordfast Anywhere (free online)
  • MateCat (free online tool)
  • SmartCAT (CAT tool and platform for translators and clients)

At Oenomaus Services our main CAT tool is SDL Trados. We have chosen it as it has many features, and it is compatible with most document formats. Project management also very easy – we create a translation package for you, you open it with Trados, complete the translation or proofreading, create a return package and that’s it!

You can see more on the new features the 2021 version offers here:
How to use the new features in SDL Trados Studio 2021 – YouTube

SDL offers a free 30-day trial version for freelancers which we recommend trying. After that, you can buy your own license here but we recommend contacting a local seller in your country as they can give you a better price and discounts. For example, the local seller in Mexico offers the product for almost half of the price.

CAUTION! There are many webpages that let you download a full version of the CAT tools with a crack, they are all pirated and we strongly recommend against it! It is illegal! Also against using or researching tricks, like deleting Trados after your trial period ends and reinstalling it again in order to receive another 30-day trial period.

Please always use legal software.
It supports the software developers and their brand.

We are constantly evolving and upgrading the way we do things.
Expect spectacular changes very soon.